Sl.No. Name of Student Regular/Part time Name of Research Guide Registration No Registration Date Topic of Research Fellowship
1 Manu Mohan Regular Dr.S.Muraleedharan Nair 5069 24-11-2015 Chemical Speciation Studies of Trace metals in Ionic and Nonionic media UJRF
2 Arsha Krishnan Regular Dr.Sujatha C.H 5067 11-11-2015 Degradation Pattern of Chemical Constituents Selected soils at Palakkad Dist. Kerala E Grants
3 Shameem K Regular Dr.S.Muraleedharan Nair 5071 14-12-2015 Molecular Modeling and Docking studies using Marine Natural Products UJRF
4 Divya K R Regular Dr.N.Chandramohana kumar 5068 26-11-2015 Marine Natural Products UJRF
5 Moushmi K S Regular Dr.N.Chandramohana kumar 13-01-2016 Mud bank Studies RGNF
6 Ragi A S Regular Dr.S Muraleedharan Nair 4224 09-12-2011 Marine natural products DST INSPIRE
7 Leena P P Regular Dr.S Muraleedharan Nair 4223 09-12-2011 Marine natural products E Grants
8 Saritha S Regular Dr.S Muraleedharan Nair 4007 01-11-2010 Marine natural products CSIR
9 Ramzi A Regular Dr.N.Chandramohana kumar 4540 01-03-2013 PAH, Thalates and Surfactants in Estuarine Environment MANF
10 Dayala V T Regular Dr.Sujatha C.H 4232 28-06-2012 Analysis and Identification of biological production of DMSP by Phytoplankton DBT Project
11 Shibini Mol P A Part Time Dr.Sujatha C.H 4127 28-01-2013 Biogeochemistry Not Availing (Assistant Professor)
12 Sudheesh V Regular Dr.S Muraleedharan Nair 4890 14-08-2014 Biogeochemical Studies in Estuarine and Coastal waters of Cochin, South West Coast of India. UJRF
13 Eldhose Cheriyan Regular Dr.Sujatha C.H 4830 22-08-2014 Isolation and Characterization of biochemical descriptors from complex organic matter matrices in and estuarine depositional environment UJRF
14 Movitha M Regular Dr.S.Muraleedharan Nair 4703 24-04-2014 Chemical Studies on Marine mineralization UJRF
15 Anu Susan Cheriyan Regular Dr.N.Chandramohana kumar 5072 10-12-2015 Marine Natural Products MANF
16 Renjith P K Part Time Dr.N.Chandramohana kumar Devolepment of Advanced materials for water treatment/oil spill removal Not Availing (Chemist in ONGC)
17 Nisa K G Regular Dr.Sujatha C.H 5034 07-09-2015 Biodegradation of Pesticides by Consortium of Soil isolated bacteria/microbes KSCSTE (Project)
18 Dibu Divakaran Regular Dr.Sujatha C.H 5036 07-09-2015 Phylogenic Characterization of DMS producing bacteria from Cochin estuarine system DBT Project
19 M G Rajamanickam Part Time Dr.N.Chandramohana kumar 5070 30-10-2015 Water Resourse Management Not Availing (Dist. Collector)
20 Bindu B Nair Part Time Dr.N.Chandramohana kumar 4946 29-12-2014 Riverine water Chemistry Not Availing (Water Authority)


Sl. No Name of Candidate and year of submission Title of thesis and year of awarded Supervising Teacher
1 Lakshmanan, P.T. Investigations on the chemical constituents and trace metal interaction in some bivalve molluscs of the cochin backwaters. Dr. Nambisan, P.N.K.
1982 1982
2 Balchand, A.N. Studies on the dynamics and water quality of the muvattupuzha river in relation to effluent discharge. Dr. Nambisan, P.N.K. and
1983 1984 Dr. Kurup, P.G.
3 Abdul Rashid, K.K. Structural studies on some metal complexes of embelin. Dr. Nambisan, P.N.K. and
1986 1987 Dr. Jacob Chacko.
4 Sivadasan, C.R. Studies on the effects of selected trace metals on Metapenaeusdobsoni (Miers) Dr. Nambisan, P.N.K.
1987 1987
5 Latha Thampuran Physiological effect of Copper (II) on Sunetta scripta l. Dr. Nambisan, P.N.K. and
1986 1987 Dr. Damodaran.
6 Anirudhan, T.S. Studies on the nutrient chemistry of a tropical estuary. Dr. Nambisan, P.N.K.
1988 1989
7 Sundaresan Pillai, J. Studies on siltation in cochin harbour–dynamics of suspensate. Dr. Nambisan, P.N.K.
1989 1990
8 Muraleedharan Nair, S. Studies on the nutrient chemistry of mud banks. Dr. Nambisan, P.N.K.
1990 1991
9 Cyriac, P.J. Toxicological studies on Oreochromis mossambicus (peters). Dr. Nambisan, P.N.K. and
1990 1991 Dr. Antony, A.
10 Babukutty, Y. Studies on the inter-compartmental exchange of trace metals in an estuarine system. Dr. Jacob Chacko.
1991 1992
11 Kunhikrishnan Nair, C. Chemical partitioning of trace metals in sediments of a tropical estuary. Dr. Jacob Chacko.
1992 1992
12 Shibu M. Paul. Trace metal speciation in the cochin estuary. Dr. Jacob Chacko.
1992 1992
13 Vasudevan Nayar, T. Biogeoorganics in the sedimentary environments of cochin estuary. Dr. Chandramohanakumar, N.
1992 1992
14 Sujatha, C.H. Dynamics of some environmentally significant pesticides in a tropical waterway – A toxicological approach. Dr. Jacob Chacko.
1992 1992
15 Geetha, T.S. Interactive effects of binary mixtures of metals on an estuarine clam – Assessment and kinetics. Dr. Jacob Chacko.
1992 1992
16 Veena, K.B. Ovarian maturation in Etroplus maculates (Bloch) – A study on toxicant induced intrinsic responses. Dr. Jacob Chacko and
1992 1993 Dr. Radhakrishnan, C.K.
17 Usha Kumari, B. Studies on synthesis and nutritional evaluation of prawn feeds. Dr. Chandramohanakumar, N.
1992 1993
18 Jayasree, G. Influence of humic acid on metal sorption by estuarine sediments. Dr. Chandramohanakumar, N.
1993 1993
19 Beenamma Jacob. Studies on the sulphur chemistry of a tropical estuarine system. Dr. Chandramohanakumar, N.
1993 1993
20 Competitive interactions of hydrogen and aluminium ions in modifying trace metal availability to an estuarine clam. Dr. Jacob Chacko.
Karthikeyan, P. 1996
21 Studies on some supported transition metal complex and metal oxide catalysts for oxidation reactions. Dr. Jacob Chacko and
Xavier, K.O. 2000 Dr. Mohammed Yusuff, K.
22 Studies on the role of sediments on the nutrient dynamics and fertility of Kuttanad waters. Dr. Chandramohanakumar, N.
Lizen Mathews. 2000
23 Surface active substances in the cochin estuarine system. Dr. Chandramohanakumar, N.
Krishna Kumar, P.A. 2000
24 Phase transitions of trace metals in the aquatic environment of Kuttanad, Kerala. 2001 Dr. Muraleedharan Nair, S.
Unnikrishanan, P.
25 Babu, V. Dynamics of pesticides in the backwaters of Kuttanad. Dr. Muraleedharan Nair, S.
2001 2001
26 Geetha, R. Modeling of geochemical processes in mangrove ecosystem. Dr. Chandramohanakumar, N.
2002 2002
27 Munga, D. Distribution of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the cochin estuary and backwaters. Dr. Jacob Chacko.
2002 2002
28 Janat Augustine, K. Sorptional behaviour of metals on the sediments and humic acid of mangrove ecosystem. Dr. Chandramohanakumar, N.
2002 2003
29 Anu Gopinath. Coral reef ecosystem of Lakshadweep archipelago- A biogeochemical facsimile. 2002 Dr. Chandramohanakumar, N.
30 Dynamics and speciation of heavy metals in the lower reaches of Chitrapuzha - A tropical tidal river. Dr. Jacob Chacko.
Joseph, P.V. 2002
31 Rosily, A.V. Sulphur chemistry in mangrove ecosystems of tropical cochin estuary. Dr. Chandramohanakumar, N.
2002 2002
32 Rini Sebastian. Some biogenic compounds and their derivatives in selected mangrove ecosystems. Dr. Jacob Chacko.
2002 2003
33 Shaly John. Inter-variability of phosphorous speciation in selected mangrove ecosystems around greater cochin. Dr. Jacob Chacko.
2003 2003
34 Phycochemical distinctiveness of selected marine macrophytes of Kerala coast. Dr. Muraleedharan Nair, S.
Kalesh, N. S. 2004
35 Siby Varghese. Geochemistry of rare earth elements and trace metals along the western continental shelf of India. Dr. Chandramohanakumar, N.
2004 2004
36 Resmi, T. R. Hydrogeochemical evaluation of inorgnaics and bioorganics in selected aquatic environments. Dr. Jacob Chacko.
2004 2004
37 Zeena, P. Ravi. Characterisation and distribution of amino acids in the mangrove sediments of Kochi. 2005 Dr. Chandramohanakumar, N.
38 Sarika, P.R. Biogeoorganics and trace metal speciation in mangroves. Dr. Chandramohanakumar, N.
2005 2005
39 Narayanan, T. Sterols in mangrove sediments of the cochin estuary. Dr. Chandramohanakumar, N.
2007 2006
40 Renjith, K.R. Chemodynamics and ecohydrology of a tropical Estuary. Dr. Chandramohanakumar, N.
2006 2007
41 Josia Jacob. Biogeochemistry and phosphorus dynamics of the surface sediments of the western continental shelf of India. Dr. Chandramohanakumar, N.
2008 2008
42 Anupama Nair, P.R. Stress responses of stinging catfish Heteropneustes fossilis (Bloch) to organophosphorous insecticide monocrotophos. Dr. Mohammed Salih K.Y.
2008 2008 Dr. Sujatha, C.H.
43 Laluraj, C.M. Geochemistry of transition, non-transition and rare-earth elements in the surficial sediments of continental shelf of Kerala and an annex to the cochin estuarine system. Dr. Muraleedharan Nair, S.
2009 2009
44 Padma, P. Nutrient mobility in Chalakudy river, typified with riparian buffer zone and its adjoining estuary; spatiotemporal manifestation. Dr. Muraleedharan Nair, S.
2008 2008
45 Sheela, V.S. Metal partition dynamics in a tropical riverine system. Dr. Chandramohanakumar, N.
2009 2010
46 Suryakumari, S. Seasonal ramification in the biochemical composition of organic matter in Chalakudy river-estuary. Dr. Muraleedharan Nair, S.
2009 2010
47 Manju Mary Joseph. Fatty acids as biomarkers of mangrove sediments of cochin. Dr. Chandramohanakumar, N.
2009 2009
48 Nify Benny. Unraveling a benchmark for sulphur akin in the cochin estuarine system. Dr. Sujatha, C.H.
2009 2009
49 Aneeshkumar, N. Phytoplankton pigment signatures Dr. Sujatha, C.H.
2009 as a biomarker in a tropical estuary.
50 Geetha Andrews. Chemical evaluation of selected organics and trace metals in the mangrove macroflora of cochin. Dr. Jacob Chako.
2010 2010
51 Ratheesh Kumar, C. S. Triterpinoids as a biomarkers of mangrove organic matter in cochin estuarine system. 2011 Dr.Chandramohanakumar,N.
52 Pratheesh, V. B. Ecotoxic metal records and its degree of geochemical symphony in the niche of cochin estuarine system- A theraptic perspective. Dr. Sujatha, C.H.
2011 2013
53 Sumangala, K.N. Hydro geochemical quality assessment of ground water – A general perspective. Dr. Sujatha, C.H.
2011 2013
54 Radhika, R. Implications of hydrobiology and nutrient dynamics on trophic structure and interactions in cochin back waters. Dr. Sujatha, C.H.
2013 2013
55 Deepulal, P.M. Ecotoxicological assessment of antifouling biocides in the sediments of cochin estuarine systems. Dr. Sujatha, C.H.
2013 2013
56 Gireesh Kumar, T.R. Source characterization of sedimentary organic matter in a tropical estuary, south west coast of India: A biomarker approach. 2013 Dr. Chandramohanakumar,N.
Biogeochemical and ecological feedbacks on eutrophication in cochin backwaters. 2013 Dr. Chandramohanakumar,N.
57 Martin, G.D.
58 Biochemical aspects of shell mineralization in the estuarine mollusc- Villorita cyprinoides var.cochinesis (Mollusca: Bivalva). Dr. Sujatha, C.H.
Ranjitha Raveendran. 2014
59 Shaiju, P. Ecological interpretation of trace metal contents and contaminant source characterization of sediments of cochin backwaters. Dr. Muraleedharan Nair, S.
2013 2014
60 Prashob Peter, K. J. Modulation of hydrophobic partitioning affinity of humic acid from mudbank sediments and its potential applications. 2014 Dr. Muraleedharan Nair, S.
61 Geochemical metal fractionation profile of the core sediment in the cochin estuarine system. Dr. Sujatha, C. H.
Manju, P. Nair. 2015
62 Akhil, P.S. An appraisal of core sediment archives on organochlorine insecticides in a tropical estuary, India. Dr. Sujatha, C.H.
2014 2015
63 Salas, P. M. Provenance, isolation and characterisation of organic matter in the cochin estuarine sediment “A diagenetic amino acid marker scenario”. Dr. Sujatha, C. H.
2015 2015
64 Manju, M. N. Biomarker geochemistry of core sediments in the mangrove ecosystems along northern Kerala coast.
2015 2016 Dr. Chandramohanakumar,N.
65 Nebula Murukesh. Bioactive metabolites and biomarkers from Rhizophoraceae mangroves - A chemotaxonomic approach. Dr. Chandramohanakumar,N.
2014 2016
66 Fingerprinting of mangrove ecosystems along northern Kerala coast using biomarker approach. Dr. Chandramohanakumar,N.
Resmi, P. 2016
67 Abhilash, P. Kailas. Characterization and quantification of major biochemical components and secondary metabolites of some green and red seaweeds from the Kerala coast. Dr. Muraleedharan Nair, S.
2015 2016
68 Byju, K. Chemistry and bioactivity of natural products from the gorgonian coral Subergorgia Reticulata. Dr. Chandramohanakumar,N.
2015 2016
69 Bindu, K. R. Chemodynamics of heavy metals in cochin estuary and its adjacent Coast. Dr. Chandramohanakumar,N.
2015 (Thesis under adjudication)
70 Sanil Kumar, K. S. Characterization, sources and potential risk assessment of aliphatic hydrocarbons and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in surface sediments of Chitrapuzha river on the south west coast of India. Dr. Muraleedharan Nair, S.
2015 (Thesis under adjudication)
71 Josekutty, J. Ozhukayil Dynamics and fractionation of heavy metals in the upper reaches of Muvattupuzha- A tropical river. Dr. Chandramohanakumar,N.
2015 (Thesis under adjudication)
72 A breakthrough investigation on the assessment of aerosol constituents in the realm of Kochi. Dr. Sujatha, C. H.
Gayathree Devi, P. K. (Thesis under adjudication)
73 Kala, K. Jacob. Anticancer potential of sterols isolated from Turbanaria conoides against lung and liver cancer. Dr. Chandramohanakumar,N.
2016 (Thesis under adjudication)
74 Anuradha, V. Chemical invesigations of the marine sponge Axinella Carteri from lakhadweep archipelago. Dr. Muraleedharan Nair, S.
2016 (Thesis under adjudication)
75 Yamuna, S.Nair. Spectral investigation and crystal structures of some transition metal complexes of aroylhydrazones. Dr. Muraleedharan Nair, S. and
2016 2016 Dr. Prathapachandra Kumar, M.R.

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