Thrust Areas of Research


•Distribution of chemical constituents–major ions, trace metals, trace organics, and biogeoorganics – in coastal and estuarine systems


•Study of the estuarine, coastal and mangrove systems


•Chemistry of mud banks


•Chemo toxicity of trace metals, pesticides, etc.


• Chemo kinetics and modelling


•Marine natural products


•Marine drugs and medicinal chemistry


•Modelling of aquatic systems


•Soil and ground water chemistry










SI. No. Title P.I Cost (Rs.) Duration Sponsoring Agency
1 Distribution Characteristics of DMS and DMSP in the Cochin Estuarine System(CES) Dr.Sujatha C. H 27,09,000/- 20082011 MoES, Govt.of India
2 Hydro geochemical quality assessment of ground waters in selected districts of Kerala Dr.Sujatha C. H 9,10,800/- 2008-2011 KSCSTE, Govt.of Kerala
3 Biotracers of of Mangrove Ecosystems along Kerala coast North of Cochin Dr. N. Chandramohanakumar 20,01,220/- 2008-2011 MoES, Govt.of India
4 Isolation and Characterization of Humic Substances from Mudbanks, A Unique Phenomenon along the Southwest Coast of India Dr.S. Muraleedharan Nair 1,70,000/- 2009-2011 UGC, Govt.of India
5 Sustainable Management of Mangrove Ecosystems- Biogeoorganics and Biomarker Approach. Dr. N. Chandramohanakumar 27,28,200/- 2009-2012 DST, Govt.of India
6 DST PURSE Programmae Head of the Department 40,00,000/- 2011-2012 DST, Govt.of India
7 Sterols and Hopanoids as Organic Matter Biomarkers in Mangrove Ecosystem along Kerala Coast. Dr. N. Chandramohanakumar 11,09,000/- 2012-2015 KSCSTE, Govt.of Kerala
8 Biogeochemistry of selected Trace elements (Fe,Zn,Mn and Cu) in the realm of Arabian Sea with special reference to Kerala Coast Dr.Sujatha C. H 29,10,000/- 2012-2017 MoES
(GEOTRACES-SIBER), Govt.of India
9 Quantification of trace metals and its counterparts as an interlocking system for revealing sediment/water/air status in the southern tip of peninsular India. Dr.Sujatha C. H 66,00,000/- 2012-2017 MoES, Govt.of India
10 Assessment of Biodiesel Production Potential of Microalgae Collected from the Backwaters of Kerala. Dr. Manju Mary Joseph and Dr.S. Muraleedharan Nair. 13,96,000/- 2013-2016 KSCSTE Back to Lab Programme of Woman Scientist Division, Govt. of Kerala
11 Contaminant Characterisation of Soil in selected areas (Chittor and Kanjikode ) of Palakkad district, Kerala Dr.Sujatha C. H 14, 80,00/- 2013-2016 KSCSTE, Govt.of Kerala
12 Detection of DMSP (Dimethyl Sulphonio Propionate) Production in phytoplankton Species Using ddd gene Encoding Primers Dr.Sujatha C. H 40,37,140/- (Revised) 2014-2017 DBT, Govt.of India
Total Amount 2,85,71,360/-

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The Department has excellent facilities for training, research and consultancy in hydro chemical and analytical studies on diverse aspects of the environment and has pioneered investigations in many an area of vital national / international significance.

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